Fiohn-BuildingThe company was conceptualized mid 2003 when the owner who was then working for six years in one of the biggest electronics companies in Laguna, involved in sourcing of the raw materials for the jigs and fixtures needed in their production lines. The owner found out that these materials are very rare, in fact, only few suppliers available locally making it very hard for the users to find such aside from the fact that most of these materials are very expensive. Since then, it has been the belief of the owner that it would make a good business and at the same time a great opportunity to help local users.

Knowing that putting up such business would involve tremendous amount of time, effort and financial resources, and with limited resources on hand, the concept didn’t materialize until early 2004. The owner gave up employment and defied the risks by focusing on the desire to put up such business.

It took almost a year of learning and sourcing until FIOHN Engineering Technology Center was established on December 2004.

In Mid 2007, with the desire to further improve and expand offered services to clients, the company reorganized and adapted a corporate system with a new entity FIOHN ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY COMPANY.

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